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14 Best Tips of App Marketing Strategies – Mobile Apps Marketing

App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Basis on 10 Million plus downloads and more than a million of retained users, I want to share the exact tips that are essential for mobile app marketing strategies. Now Everyone is telling that App Marketing in 2022 and blah blah. ignore them and just focus on user acquisitions and product quality.


How do you market an app?

This is the question for you, please comment below that what are currently doing for your app marketing? I will share that 10 millions user app strategy that how we got success but working just on user acquisitions and app quality.

How to write a best App Title according to latest App store Optimization

Mobile App User Acquisitions

Mobile user acquisition is now no more a difficult for any ASO. We have multiple options to get massive number of users. Initially we can target with paid campaigns and growth of installed users and then focus on how to get organic by App Store Optimization 2022.

Go to Google ads and do a keyword research of more traffic, low difficulty and least CPI. All these information are available there. Target your keywords in App content and hurry you have done it. For more detail Read App Store optimization. After doing a perfect ASO, move the paid campaigns and acquire that much users to analyze complete data.

How much is the CPI (Cost per Install)?
What’s your conversion rate?
How much is the retention?
How much time users are spending there?
Total impressions per user?

App Marketing


App Marketing Pre Launch

You are going to launch a new app and excited for results then show your aggression on Social media. Tell everyone that you are launching such an amazing app. Release app in the early access and collect as many feedbacks as possible. Fix all your bugs that are faced by early users. Ask them how can I make them more engaging. A Lay man can tell you 100 times better than an experience product manager.

App Marketing Strategies

App Store Optimization for App Marketing

Now you have finalized your app, then do a deep keyword research about your app. Search for higher traffic, less competition keywords. Try to find keywords that can bring users in minimum cost per install (CPI). The minimum your CPI is, the higher will be your chances of success.
Write a perfect Title. You can go with a branding title or keywords based. it’s your choice. I would like to suggest that go with combination of branded phrase with a high traffic keyword if you are going with brand option like Transpro: Global Translator just an example. I don’t know there is any such app or not but it’s just an idea.

Localization of content

Localization increase your conversion rate, as Russians don’t understand English, so localize your app content in store listing also inside the game. Don’t understand estimate the power of localization. It increase engagement and conversions by 5% to 20%.

App Store Listing Graphics for App Marketing

One picture is worth a thousands words. Tell the complete story in app icon and screenshots that what will you get in this app. Don’t try to exaggerate because if he won’t found it, he will surely delete your app. So just communicate your app idea and content with attractive that compel user to click on install button.

You can also localize your graphics and also customize for different regions.

Paid Campaigns in Google ads and Facebook

As I told your earlier that search for low CPI keywords and then start UAC (Universal App Campaigns) in Google and App Install campaign on Facebook and Instagram. There is nothing supernatural but simply put just few text ideas in the form of headlines and description. For Facebook create a short promotion video and run the campaign.

Mobile App User Engagement

User engagement in App Marketing

We have to engage users until the last breath. A product designer will try to engage user for 24/7, then we will get some engagement up to 15 to 20 minutes which is more than enough. Use firebase analytics to track user flow, events, drop and uninstall stages. Make a user flow and check which way is mostly used by my app users. Engagement them where they are dropping more than 30%.

User Journey

User journey and customer journey is the most important factor in Product design. Make multiple flows for a user and do a/b test that which way is more convenient for the users. For example, I have an app about Workout, I have created similar workouts but in different modes like
Daily workout challenges
30 days course
What you want to do today?
Free style exercises

Here we are targeting the same exercises, but the user flow will be different, user will open and complete with different energy. He will go with most exciting one that he found. He can also click on the first but also look at the complete and engagement after selection of any mode.
It’s also just an example for app marketing strategies, you can study more about user journey

User satisfaction & App Referral Marketing

If your app user is satisfied, so it’s really great for your app marketing strategies 2022 and will do the half of the job for you free. Ask to refer to his friends and reward them some extra. Place a point in the user journey and if someone is using to that limit, then feel him better and special. User satisfaction is the most difficult in app design and user journey sketching but you can do it easily. Just think, read analytics, do a/b testing and always update with something new. All is yours!

Referral Marketing in App Marketing

Product Quality in App Marketing Strategies

No one can beat a marketer with better product. You can win it easily if you have something engaging, liked and easy to use. Product quality includes, user experience, vitals (App Crashes and not responding), Retention and update according to user feedbacks. Let me share in detail.

App Vitals

If your app is getting crashes or not responding then neither Google will like you nor Apple. So make sure your app is clear from all the things that fall your app in the bad behavior. Vitals are counted in app marketing strategies but you can do nothing with a buggy app.

Check Android Vitals in Google Console, where the thresholds are 0.47% for App Not Responding ANR and 1.09% for Crash rate. You can also check iOS OOM (Out of memory) and ANR on your dashboard.

Mobile App User Retention

User retention is the now the most important KPI for any kind of product. If you are not getting better retention, there is some issue in your app. Check it again and again, redesign ask users what they want. Always love to engage users, it should be a passion for product designer to get maximum retention.

User Feedback

Get as many feedbacks as possible and plan accordingly. User can tell better than anyone else. So first design according to yourself and then modify according to users’ choice. it’s like everyone is giving some sort of value to your app and we can calculate if 1000 feedbacks, it means we have input from thousand minds. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip (Gift Cards Idea for App Marketing)

Place some bonus for the users like a 5$ amazon gift card, if you will do this and this, you will get this reward. We have tried this and it works perfectly even you can decrease your CPI by running reward base event. Now it’s your task how to manage ROI while gift cards. Hope you have enjoyed App marketing strategies article. Please let me know in the comment section and also on my email You can also suggest me any topic that you want me to write about it. Thank you

Conclusion of App Marketing strategies 2022

App marketing is an easy task if you know your check list. Do keyword research, app launch awareness, Early access launch, user acquisitions, retention, user flow and journey are the essential parts of any product marketing strategies. Don’t follow the massy old articles. Just acquire great number of users through paid campaigns, and put great quality in your product and enjoy the wonderful job that you will make your life. Have fun!


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