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App Store Optimization (ASO) 2021

ASO App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the improving visibility of an app or game in the search engine results. Basically this term is used for organic downloads or installs in the play store or Apple app store.

Types of Downloads

There are two types of app/game downloads which a publisher can get by ASO.

Search: It comes when someone is searching for a keyword and your app is ranking on it. Now due to high visibility or rank, user convinces to download your app.

Explore: Nowadays explore is the main factor of success in organic traffic. It can be achieved, when your app is in the top trend, category top apps or has relevancy with high ranked & optimized app. There is a myth of “explore downloads” which I will explain in the last.

Type of ASO

According to previous theories, ASO has two types, on-page, and off-page ASO but now the game is totally changed. You can get millions of downloads for your app/game without any off-page ASO.

Factors of ASO

  1. Title (50 characters)
  2. Short Description (80 Characters)
  3. Long Description (4000 Characters)
  4. Package name
  5. Developer name
  6. App icon
  7. Feature Image
  8. Store Screenshots

Best Keywords

In the above-mentioned list from 1 to 5, every part will be based on the best keywords, now the question arises that what are the best keywords?

Keywords with most searches and less competition are the best keywords. Like “notes” keyword has great search volume but there is a lot of competition and old publishers so you can never win with this keyword.

Relevancy and targeted: It’s most important to have relevancy of keywords with your app. Like if you have a game of shooting game, then it must be targeted with relevant and best match keywords. like shooting game, army game, free fire, gun shooting etc.

Keyword margin:

If you find that has no competitors like a keyword “PDF translator” has still just one app then you can get enough organic downloads without spending in PPC or highly optimization.

Where to search for keywords?

First, go the “Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner” and search relevant queries to your app/game which are in your mind. You will get enough keywords there with monthly searches and competition level.

then go to the app Annie and search for those apps which are somehow or totally same like your’s one, at the left side menu there is an option of ASO keywords, click on it and change countries to get on which keywords this app is ranking in those countries.

Now you have a sufficient number of keywords, but still need more keywords then play store suggestion are the most helpful to verify your selected keywords and to get a new one.

Use of keywords

Use as many keywords as you can much you find but all the keywords should be relevant. Use with an average frequency. make a priority of your keywords like primary and secondary. Use the primary keywords three to six times and one or two times at least.

How to get ranked?

Copy the description of top competitors and use your own keywords and app name without changing the sentence structure as the search engine is already familiar with those apps and it will rank your app too because of the great relevancy.

How to get explore downloads?

Explore downloads comes when your app is getting a high number of downloads in a short interval of time then Google considers it as a trending app. This is just possible with great PPC. Nowadays ASO is nothing without PPC. You need to spend enough to get a return. PPC never cost you, because of great return from AdMob. If you spend 50$ it will return at least 75$ from Admob and in-app purchases, but if you go with simple app ranking then it will take two to three months to get 20$.

Summary of success in the app business

Bring great ideas, design and develop according to the Google and Apple standards. Find the best keywords, target in the package name, title, short and long description. Design a great app icon, feature image, and screenshots to get more conversion and start PPC with Adwords and Facebook. Use mediation for 90+ percent match rate in the Admob and must use in-app purchases to get a good return. Best of luck!

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