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App Store Optimization Strategies 2022 – ASO Strategies

App Store Optimization Strategies

App store Optimization Strategies 2022 – ASO Strategies


We always go with a basic generic strategy while launching a new mobile product or getting hands on with some dead games or garbage apps. Let’s divide this strategy into multiple to understand easily. ASO Strategies are not made of just marketing and content but now it’s completely growth hacking of mobile apps and games business. that’s why we have to focus on everything that is relevant to ASO Strategies on 2022.


  1. Ideate
  2. Plan
  3. Develop
  4. Design
  5. Market
  6. Maintain
  7. Adopt



Question people ask:

Why is App Store Optimization Important?

App Store Optimization is the only way to let people know about your mobile app/game, which you have published on App store, Google Play or any other mobile products distribution plat0form. We have to write content which will include title, short and long description, translations. We have to for paid marketing to push towards new users. Check analytics for users behavior. Update app for better user experience and new modules. Translate app inside and store listing to make easy to understand for non English speaking users.


Now back to the topic of App Store Optimization Strategies 2022 – ASO Strategies



Ideate a New Mobile App


Product idea is of course is the first step we start something. We ask ourselves or co founders with us.


What should we develop to get started?

what would be easily successful?

what can earn more money?


App Store Optimization Strategies 2022 - ASO Strategy



A lot more like this and I have done this discussion with myself many times and for sure you also did this, that’s why I place Ideate on the first step for app Store Optimization Strategies. it’s not a ASO Strategies but a lifetime reality that we need to ideate before starting anything. Let get on point – what is necessary to keep in mind while start thinking for new app or game.



Market Acceptance and Audience Number

Pick any app, which is easy to accept by market and there are enough number who will be interested to engage and use your app. For example I want to photo Editor app which will remove background, place any other surroundings, set beard of different kind on your face and so on. So there are hundred thousands of people who will love this thing.


You can do keyword research in Google Keyw0rd Planner for audience and market acceptance. It will awesomest if you found any idea where there’s no competitor and you are the first mover. No one can stop you from success if you are committed enough!


App Store Optimization Strategies


Trend of that topic

Trend doesn’t mean that you should create seasonal products, but to check what is alive and what people have left. Like if you want to create a typical calculator app, you will most probably be failed. Pick something have still some value for the users. Some new trends being adopted by time or era, Like currently  video products are mostly successful if someone can just handle the marketing and data storage part. Tiktok is the main example of this. Instead of reading a blog of news, an average user likes to watch in video format.



Business Model – ASO Strategies

Business is always the most important factor in any new product or idea design and its App Store optimization Strategies to make it profitable. Create something that’s is easy to monetize and have multiple option of money earning, so if you have any issue in one aspect then there will be another source of money earning.



User persona in App Store Optimization Strategies

User persona is the basic of product design in app and game making process. First you list some personalities who will use your app, and then think how they will act in your app. You will keep in mind the following while making a user persona:


His age

Literacy level





Experts like to have surveys for user personas but you can imagine your customer just by having their or statistics and just you know who will use this app.


App Store Optimization Strategies


Product Usability

product usability is also an important factor. If you are solving a problem of just one screen or too many screens. If you have just one screen, you will get monetization issue and if you have many screens then it will look complex, so go with such products which is easy to use and easy to monetize to get ROI positive in App store optimization strategies 2022.



Plan According to App Store Optimization Strategies


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Make a complete strategy, think what else is possible to add, ask everyone to give their out and combine everything that you have in mind. Now finalize that what would be best, and what will we update in further update, how will be MVP and so on. Create a budget plan, development plan, designing plan and everything that is relevant to planning of a product.



Product Design

Product design is the first step of creation something new. Sketch mockups, think what user will do and how will be the user journey. I am going to create a next blog about Product design. How to create something engaging, addictive and attractive. How to track user to engage them more and they never want to close your app. Product design is the key factor ASO strategies.



Product Development

Product development is the main part of execution and mostly people ignore many things because of constraints even some people mix the core value of product and they never succeed. Focus on your core value and try you 100,000 times to finish what you have ideate and designed. Before going to decline any project, must check that you did your best or ignored the core value?



Market as an ASO Strategies

Marketing is key to success everywhere on the earth. If you are not a good marketer and don’t have any, then find the best one to get success. If you have  develop great products, you must go with the best marketing strategies. App store optimization strategies for success of any product include keywords research, content, paid acquisitions, cost per install, life time value per user, analytics, vitals, user flow and everything that’s related to Mobile Apps and Games marketing.


You can read about ASO Strategies in my App Marketing Strategies 2022



If you have created a quality app or game that people are liking, then go with maintenance phase where we need to release regular updates, include user suggestions, work on bugs, improvement features, add new features and so on. After few years product will be totally changed because of its variation with time. Never afraid of change, just change and monitor that what happens after update. If more than half users like it, then rollout to everyone. If user don’t comfortable with changes then halt them. We need to accept what’s not working for us in app store optimization strategies 2022.




Adoption and transition is something that decides our future. Product owners that don’t adopt new changes in the tech are ready to fail. We need to change the transition of technology and change our basic idea into the new world ideas. It will bring our user base to a new product but no one will feel the change or transition. It will be easier for you as compare to someone who to build something totally new in that new technology, because you have already a trust factor of huge user base.


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