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ASO Update | Ready to send for Review Play Store New Update 2022

ready to send for review

Play Store has released a new update of “ready to send for review. Whenever a developer submits some update, Google shows this new status. Now many people wait for auto publish but it’s not the case – we have to push for submission in publishing overview.


I personally feel that Google wants to make the “publishing overview” page more useful as currently, it has nothing just a list of items before this “ready to send for review play store” update.


How to Submit update after “Ready to send for Review”

Now how to submit a new update after this “Ready to send for review” change?

  1. Submit update
  2. Go to publishing overview
  3. Click on “send for review
  4. Done!


Same answer is also available on stack overflow!

Ready to send for review


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  1. very useful and informative blogs, All of your blogs are best and helped me alot to understand concepts, thanks for posting

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