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6 Best ASO Techniques: ASO Analysis

Best ASO Techniques

ASO Techniques


Everyone is looking for best ASO techniques, which should apply and bring spontaneous results, but wait! ASO is not just one hell night effort, it’s a continuous process to try every technique and wait for the results.


Let me explain some must-done ASO techniques and then analyze your ASO, and how those techniques have performed.

ASO Techniques - ASO Analysis


1. User Experience & Product Design

User experience and product design are the first steps of creating any product. We think that how will be our app, how users will play this game. We try to provide the value in the least taps or clicks.


Product design is a big world but if we talk briefly about then design a flow that can achieve both user and developer goals at the same time. We need them to engage and they need to complete the purpose for which they have installed the app.


In case of the mobile game, ASO techniques, and ASO analysis, we need to design a game flow where users can easily get into the gameplay and complete missions. There should be something to accomplish for user dopamine release in ASO (App store optimization)


Better user experience brings a higher engagement rate, which has a direct impact on retention rate. so focus on what else you could do for your user to engage them and retain them for as long as possible for you. This is the best ASO technique and I can say the #1 ASO technique.


2. Keywords ASO techniques

Keywords decide the future of your product, whether it’s a game or an app. Find the best keywords, which has higher traffic, less difficulty to rank, and more relevancy.


You can the following ASO Free Tools for keyword research:

  1. App Tweak keyword suggestion tool
  2. App Annie ranked keywords list
  3. Copywritetly keywords density free tool
  4. Sensor tower keyword traffic and difficulty tool
  5. Google play suggestions


These tools can reduce all your keyword research ASO Tools costs. First, collect all the relevant keywords and then group them by traffic and difficulty.


Higher traffic and low difficulty are the two major factors for keyword selection. Pick keywords that are more relevant even with less traffic. Picking perfect keywords is the first ASO techniques of ASO analysis.


Sensor Tower and App tweak data is pretty much the same for keywords in all countries.


3. Store Content ASO Analysis and optimization

Store content describes the product, so we need to be very accurate and perfect while deciding on content for our app.


30 characters title is to target branding phrase with one keyword or totally describing the product. It’s something subjective, for example;

TransAll: Languages Translator

Offline Speach Translate App

Try your best keyword in the title for App Title Optimization and if you are not targeting any branding keyword then go with primary and secondary keywords.


Sub Title (iOS)

Android has no subtitle to describe your app if you couldn’t do it in title, but iOS is giving this opportunity with indexing.


the purpose of a subtitle is to explain your app in just 30 characters like

“Photo Collage Maker & Editor”


Short Description (Android)

Short description creates confusion all the time. Some people think that we shouldn’t target keywords in short description and some folks are in favor of stuffing in short description.


I suggest targeting 2 keywords and some catchy phrases. It will increase conversion rate and also visibility.


Android Full Description

Full description is the main part to place all keywords that we have researched for our app. The first and 3rd paragraphs are very much important for ranking any keywords.


There are different concepts for writing full descriptions.

Some people like to copy from already ranked apps because the algo is now familiar with content and its structure. We don’t need to push something new that AI will learn and then decide to rank but already something they know.

Write 6 different descriptions with 800 to 1000 characters instead of 4000, so we can target more keywords without stuffing.

Write a full 4000 characters description with decent targeting of keywords


iOS Full Description

iOS doesn’t index full description, so don’t need to stuff any keywords but just go with decent targeting. iOS description is getting some organic downloads from a web browser if any users come from the indexed product page in web search results.


iOS Keyword section

Follow these rules for the best targeting of iSO ASO Keywords

  1. Single-word
  2. Don’t repeat
  3. Remove spaces just commas
  4. utilize all space
  5. target relevant words


Play Store Meta Tags

It will help in explore downloads and similar mapping in Play Store. so choose the exact tags that are most relevant to your app.

With meta tags, you can show your app in other categories cards to get explore downloads due to tags ASO Techniques.


You can aslo read about ASO Strategies

4. Graphics ASO techniques

Content, graphics, and product all parts are equally important. No one can win without any of these factors. Graphics help to increase conversion rate, audience targeting, search engine learning, and genre selection.


It is best to target apps that you wanna come in their similar trays. Model position, icon and ss colors, and idea everything is important to target.


Try to make unique graphics where you are the first move in the store, but we can also get success by following the most trending graphics in the store.


How to be a follower of trending ideas for the best ASO analysis and to use as Best ASO techniques:

  1. Colors of competitor graphics
  2. Object orientation and position
  3. Skybox
  4. Environment

Copy them in a way that can make a positive impact on your results. Always run a/b test for any icon, feature graphic or screenshots.


5. Data Analysis and Decisions Making

We all marketers are blind without data. We need to analyze the data in as much detail as possible. For best ASO analysis we need to analyze all the data which is coming from AdMob, Adword, Firebase, Console, and everywhere that can help to understand the user behavior and product performance for best ASO analysis.


6. KPIs improvements and benchmarks

ASO techniques are not something like tips and tricks but continuous performance improvements to get better KPIs and compete with competitors. We should where I am targeting, who are my competitors, what should be my KPIs.


KPIs includes conversion rate, impressions, conversions, IAPs, retention, session time, Android Vitals, and everything that is measurable in App Store Optimization process.




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