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Best time to send push notification for mobile apps

The best time to send push notifications will depend on your specific audience and the nature of your app. Here are some general guidelines to consider when determining the best time to send push notifications:

  1. Consider the time zone of your users: If you have users in multiple time zones, consider sending push notifications at a time that is convenient for the majority of your users.
  2. Test different times: Experiment with sending push notifications at different times of day to see when your users are most likely to engage with them.
  3. Take into account the user’s daily routine: Consider the user’s daily routine and send push notifications at a time when they are likely to have their phone with them and be able to engage with your app.
  4. Use analytics: Use analytics to track the performance of your push notifications and see when they are most effective.
  5. Consider the type of app: Different types of apps may perform better at different times. For example, a productivity app may perform better during working hours, while a social media app may perform better in the evenings.

In general, it’s important to find a balance between being timely and not being too disruptive. You don’t want to send push notifications at a time when they are likely to be ignored or seen as annoying.


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