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Cryptocurrency For Gaming – Top Gaming Cryptocurrency Tokens – Future of Gaming Monetization

Cryptocurrency for Gaming

What is crypto gaming?

Cryptocurrency for gaming is the most upgoing trend, where users can buy In-App Purchases via crypto coin. Crypto is the future monetization for online and offline gaming. Anyone can buy coins with cryptocurrency in gaming and can earn that currency while playing as a reward. Cryptocurrency and gaming are going to be the same term in the nearer future.


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Hundreds of crypto tokens are created for gaming. Like GALA (Crypto Gaming Token) which is created to centralize the coin system of different games. Today on the date [05 March 2022] It’s with 23 cents, while a few months ago it was just 3 cents. It means that the cryptocurrency gaming industry is going to boom. Gaming Cryptocurrency 2021 was the year of start in to accelerate this concept.


Games Marketing and monetization experts will totally be focused on the best way to implement this new strategy to engage users, and create a win-win situation for them.


Cryptocurrency and Gaming Market Trend

Decentraland is the top in cryptocurrency gaming coins, which has more than 4.5 Billion USD market cap and ranks in the top 30. There are a total of 143 gaming coins, which have a total of 22 billion market cap. Wow! The best thing about crypto gaming tokens is that users can withdraw funds, developers can give them rewards, there is a lot to do with this concept. Current people are buying UC in PUBG Mobile, and they are spending thousands of physical currency, now if they don’t play anymore a game, that can’t take back their amount.

Cryptocurrency For Gaming - Top Gaming Cryptocurrency Tokens - Future of Gaming Monetization


Top 10 Gaming Cryptocurrency

The top 10 Gaming Cryptocurrencies are as below but this list changes each day. It’s just for today but mostly these cryptocurrency gaming tokens are performing well:


  1. Decentraland
  2. The Sandbox
  3. Axie Infinity
  4. Flow
  5. Gala
  6. Enjin Coin
  7. WAX
  8. Ultra
  9. Illuvium
  10. WINk


cryptocurrency for gaming

source: cryptoslate


Axi infinity was the top gaming cryptocurrency 2021

Cryptocurrency for Gaming

Cryptocurrency is very much important for gaming and now developers are initializing to use it. It’s a secure method that will be liked both by users and developers. They have just access to the required amount to push or pull, and yeah you are done. Developers can give reward which can even be withdrawn by free users. Make goals for them, if they play up to that point, then give reward which will be in the form of cryptocurrency gaming coins.


Do you know how to rank your game in Play Store?


Gaming Crypto Coins on Coinbase

If you want to know how to buy gaming crypto? then you can to Binance or Coinbase, which are trusted cryptocurrency exchange businesses. Coinbase trade in all kinds of gaming cryptocurrencies and is based in the United States. Most buyers of Coinsbase are from there and they trust them, but in Asia and other parts of the globe, people like Binance because of its features and ease.

With the passage of time, product designers and marketers find new ways to engage users for a possibly longer time. The reward concept will really help them to engage players for a long to achieve the goals and earn some real money from the games. Mostly we buy different coins in different games as everyone has specified their own, now the cryptocurrency will centralize this concept and there will be some kind of coin, which people will share, sell and buy. so playing games will also be some kind of of a job.


Crypto And User Privacy

Crypto players a vital role in user identification, no one has to tell that who I am to buy and sell something in the game. Just give access to the wallet and grab the cash. Normally we have to give all kinds of information where there is a matter of money. Now just deposit the token or withdraw it.


NFT and Gaming

Now NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the hot cake for all the business investors in IT all over the world. People are selling online assets with crypto coin (Etherium) which is an altcoin and second-best blockchain coin after Bitcoin. In the coming future, the NFTs concept will change the world when metaverse and gaming come together.


I Hope, you will have learned something from this cryptocurrency in gaming posts. Stay connected to ASOBuzz for more



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