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Easy Way To Delete App From Google Play Console

Delete App From Google Play Console

In order to Delete App From Google Play Console, we can unpublish an app, for this purpose go to the Settings menu and select Unpublish App. However, if we want to delete an app from our Google Play Console account, the option is not available directly. We need to unpublish the app and then hide it.

Another way is to replace all the content like App Title, short description, long description, graphics, and apk with any new app that we are going to publish, so everything will be changed to a new app.

There are many different ways to design an app’s listing on the App Store. One way is to replace all of the default text with your own text, like your app’s title, a short description, and a long description. You can also upload a custom icon and screenshots. Another way is to use Apple’s built-in tools to create a preview video of your app. A preview video can show off your app in action and help persuade users to download it.


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Why Delete App From Google Play Console?

Google Play Console Account is used to manage Android apps that are published on Google Play. Sometimes it is necessary to delete an app from the account. Reasons might include wanting to remove the app from visibility in the store, retiring the app due to low usage or ending development of the app.

The process of deleting an app is relatively straightforward. How to delete an app on Google Play Console? The steps below will guide you through the process of deleting an app on Google Play Console. These instructions apply to all Android apps that are published by a developer on Google Play (including apps published by someone else).

Delete App: The process

Go to store settings, and unpublish the app.

Reasonpple’s App Store is a great way for developers to get their app in front of millions of potential users, but what if you change your mind after publishing? In this article, we’ll show you how to unpublish your app from the App Store.

Replacing with new app:

Just change all the graphics, content, and APK with the new one and your older app will be deindexed in the next few days.

If you want to delete an app from the Google Play Console, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Console.
  2. Click on the apps list item in the left nav bar.
  3. Select the app you want to delete from the list of apps
  4. Change all the content in the store listing
  5. Upload new app apk
  6. Publish updates
  7. Have fun!

Republish after removing the app

Just come back and check the publish box to roll out your app again

iOS and Android app developers are always looking for ways to improve their apps and get more downloads. One way to do this is by regularly updating your app with new features and fixes. But what happens when you make a change and it’s not ready for release? You don’t want your users to see a buggy or incomplete app, so you put it in “draft” mode and only release it when you’re confident it’s ready. The problem is if you unpublished, your app goes down, and all your hard work goes out the window. Here’s a simple solution: just come back and check the publish box to roll out your app again.



We can’t remove any published app, but can change the content to new app or can unpublish to prevent from getting any new users.


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