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Does AdMob pay monthly?

Yes, AdMob pays app developers on a monthly basis. AdMob uses a net 30 payment schedule, which means that app developers will receive payment for the previous month’s earnings approximately 30 days after the end of the month.


To receive payment from AdMob, app developers need to set up a payment method and meet the minimum threshold for payment. The minimum threshold for payment varies depending on the payment method and the country in which the app developer is located. For example, the minimum threshold for payment via wire transfer may be higher than the threshold for payment via PayPal.


App developers can track their earnings and payment status in the AdMob account dashboard. In the dashboard, app developers can view their current earnings, as well as the earnings from previous months. They can also view the payment history and confirm that their payment method is set up correctly.


Overall, AdMob pays app developers on a monthly basis, allowing them to regularly receive payment for their app’s advertising revenue.


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