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Don’t stop until you are done

Motivation is a feeling that goes up and down according to human engagements. Everyone has dreams, some people have dreams with goals and some have just dreams.

Dreams without goals are just dreams

How to keep motivation up?

It’s very much necessary to make goals, which will lead to dreams, as goals are like steps towards success. The only to keep you up is to focus on small goals more than anything else in the daily routine.

Friends will be more closer; if we have something and the family will be happier if have better to feed.

Write it

Write your goals on paper, and then steps and a timeline to achieve them. list down all tasks on brighter sticky notes and on a wallpaper of the laptop. As many lines you sketch, better ideas will be there.

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Time schedule

Fix your time schedule and never stop working on that time. A random timetable can’t make anything productive but just up and downs in motivation.

It’s far easier to work on fix time than random sit and stand as per choice

Celebrate it and Reward yourself

You are making it, you are doing it so why not celebrate. We deserve rewards for any small and big achievements. Audit your daily work or weekly and tik the work is done and celebrate with something that you like, a cup of tea is best if you are a tea lover.

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I will not stop until I am not done

Consistency is the only way to get success. We must be consistent if we want to grow in any field. Start in the morning, continue in the noon, and keep doing it until you fell down asleep. Do it, repeat it, and get it.

I hope, you will like this article and wish you a warm day to work for your goals. Please like to encourage for writing better than this. I will be very much thankful and happy. May Almighty Allah bless you always!


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