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13 Best Earn Crypto Through Games – Cryptocurrency for Gaming

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How to earn bitcoins by playing games?

Cryptocurrency is the future of gaming monetization and anyone would be able to earn crypto through games, where users will do everything, like selling items, purchasing special passes, upgrading games, buying assets, and everything that is relevant to the game economy. Currently, games are moving to their own economic solutions and crypto is the best way to do this. Buy NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) with crypto coins, upgrade passes without any personal payment method and a lot more.


Gaming and cryptocurrency are now going millions of dollars industry, where users can earn crypto through rewards and selling NFTs assets. It’s not as much away from the future, we will see it very soon as today we are going to discuss 14 games that are based on different crypto coins.


13 Best play to earn games


  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Plant VS Undead
  3. Gods Unchained
  4. Gala Games: Town Stars
  5. Decentraland
  6. Illuvium
  7. The Sandbox
  8. Guild of Guardians
  9. Age of Rust
  10. Thetan Arena
  11. Splinterlands
  12. Lightnite
  13. Star Atlas

Earn Crypto Through Games

These games are specially created to earn crypto through games, and they are based on PC, Android and iOS. I will also share the download links, so open and enjoy these amazing games, and earn crypto through games. So stay with me and let’s share their detail.


Now the question is how can I earn crypto by playing games?

While playing games, we earn some virtual currency which use to upgrade our character, upgrade game passes, unlock events, purchase new models, etc., and now after crypto came into the gaming world, developers are using real-world crypto coins, instead of useless virtual coins. It engages the user more, gives them some real-world money and benefits. Now full-time gamers can just play and earn.


NFTs is the next concept of assets buying and selling through Etherium coin which is also the best altcoin and all NTFS trade is happening in Etherium. Earn an asset and then list for selling and enjoy free earning in gaming through crypto.


1. Axe Infinity to Earn Cry
pto Through Games

Setup your meta mask wallet which is based on Ethereum to earn in Axe Infinity. Axe Infinity is a game and itself a Gaming Cryptocurrency token that you can earn while playing Axe Infinity. It’s a Vietnamese studio game, and they are top to date in play-to-earn games. Just connect and crypto wallet and enjoy free cryptocurrency earning in gaming.


Earn Crypto through games


You can buy and sell lands and can join play-to-earn battles. Nothing extraordinary is required just like other games, you can play it and check guide videos on Youtube that how can play and earn Axe Infinity which is now 50 USD plus worth of coin.


Axe Inifinity is not limited to just their own game but now linked to many other online games, where you can use this Cryptocurrency token.


2. Plant VS Undead

Plants VS Undead is a kind of tower defense farming strategy game, where you build your form, use cryptocurrency. They use Pancakeswape wallet which is based on NTFs, you can buy assets. Build new farms, convert your assets into light energy and then sell on Pancakeswape. It’s a lovely game with cute graphics and engaging gameplay. so Planst Vs Undead is also a great to earn crypto through games.

How to Earn from Plant Vs Undead?

Make awesome strategy, Plant new trees, get rewards, convert into light energy, and then sell on the Pancakeswape platform. It’s a simple game which you can play on an emulator and mobile. They use tokens to buy plantation assets and build something new and then convert to Light Energy to earn crypto through games.


3. gods Unchained

gods unchained is also NFT based strategy game, where you have to buy cards, win the game, and earn god coin. Like every other cryptocurrency game, we have connected our wallets and started buying cards. It’s a multiplayer game but you can also play as a solo. With one god you win 3 games in 24 hours and then change it.


Cryptocurrency for gaming


How to Earn crypto from god unchained?

Just login and connect your wallet, win the game and collect rewards in the god coin to earn crypto through games, and then convert on any exchange platform. It’s a strategy-based game where you have to save your god from attack. Every god has its own value and the opponent will hit on his turn and you will reply back. Different gods had different cards deck, so use according to the best strategy which you can find on YouTube.


4. Gala Games: Town Stars

Gala is now trending on Binance and its market cap is going above 50 million USD. because of its popularity. Gala is a complete decentralized cryptocurrency gaming token, which can be used for many games other Gala Games Town star. They are planning to mark 5 billion in NFT business of online gaming.



Play to earn games



Start from any spot in the world and shoot them all to win. They have really thrilling simple-looking games, where you can enjoy gaming and earn cryptocurrency gaming coin which is called Gala. I have also invested some dollars in Gala because I believe it’s the future.


5. Decentraland

Decentraland is a number coin based on market cap right now. It’s a game and cryptocurrency token, which is moving upward like a rocket. Decentraland is basically the NFT world where you can go anywhere, buy some places, and do what you want to do. Due to the recent hype of NFT and Metaverse, the Decentraland market cap increases to hundreds of millions USD because everyone knows that it’s the future and they are the pioneers.


Decentraland has its own gaming modules, where users can buy NFTs to play. They can buy environments to play, build, and do everything that they can do in the real world. Decentraland can be the best NFT platform in the coming future, because of its flexibility.




6. Illuvium

Illuvium is a blockchain game, which is based on Ethereum. It’s an RPG (Role Playing Game) which is also providing the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through games. Totally amazing graphics, thrilling gameplay, and hundreds of things to modify. Market cap is over 4 million USD and their 24-hour trading price is gone up to 4%.



Gala Games for play to earn crypto current through games



Illuvium is the best concept for Role-playing game lovers. Just install, connect your cryto curreny wallet and have fun with earn-to-play cryptocurrency games. Illuvium is also the name of their studio. They are offering the best to earn crypto through games.



7. The Sandbox

Sandbox is a metaverse-based game, where we can create our own games without any coding. Amazing! You can play with the avatar players in any kind of game and can go anywhere in the virtual world.


The Sandbox is the most volatile Gaming Cryptocurrency token, which is highly risky but like you, the high risk brings the high benefits. So you can earn through playing games or can buy NFTs there with your Crypto Wallet to earn crypto through games.


400 plus lands are available to host any game, create it, let people in and have fun in the virtual fun of Metaverse.


8. Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardian is an RPG game, build by join venture of big gaming and NFT joins. It’s also a gaming token and a hundred thousand of people are on the waitlist. It would be amazing in the future and looks like the best money-earning-crypto RPG game. They have daily trading of more than one million which looks too good. Their coin worth is about 4 cents.


9. Age of Rust

Age of Rust gaming coin value is 14 USD right now, which is highly expensive while the game is in beta. It’s a science-fiction game, which will use NFTs and Crytp wallet to earn crypto through games.

Age of Rust is available on steam and is free to play for now. So enjoy the expensive money-earning cryptocurrency game.


10. Thetan Arena

A mobile game where you can make a team to fight with teams, the higher resources and strategy team will win the game and some rewards which they can cash in a crypto wallet.


Its coin worth is above 1 USD, so a better coin to earn crypto through games. Theran Arena is a teamwork game to test your games, current have 10 million-plus downloads on the Play store.


4.4 Rating from 286 thousand users show trust and it can go beyond this on each trend and marketing times.


11. Splinterlands

Cards base game, where you have given some cards and then play with those cards. If you lose it then buy new with Splinterland token and you can also withdraw your winning and retaining rewards which are in the form of daily login etc.

People are selling and buying NFTs in the splinterlands and can earn up to 100 dollars a day. Everyone can play it free and can get rewards based on wins.


12. Lightnite

Lightnite is the largest battle royale game to earn crypto through games. It’s free to play and gives rewards on different events and performances. Currently, its coin price is too low because of too much low market cap, but due to its nature it will go the boom in coming future, so we can invest in this game token.


13. Star Atlas

Explore the galaxies as its name and buy NFT assets. It’s a really fun game and has the option of NFTs. So explore the Galaxies world, Fun with gameplay and earn crypto through games.

Its price is almost 3 cents right now and due to its amazing nature, it will be the best in Metaverse games which will use cryptocurrency for gaming.


I hope you have enjoyed the earn crypto through. I have listed and shared some brief information about these games. Most games are based on NFT assets, where you have to connect your crypto wallet and then can buy and sell something. They offer lands which are called environments in gaming language, and for layman, they call it lands. These games also offer retention rewards like daily login etc.


Have fun! Stay blessed!

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