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Resolved Google Data safety form – Data Safety Google Play | invalid data safety section

Google Data safety form Update

Google Data safety form is a new update by Google Play, which has been introduced for Android Users. The purpose of Data Safety Google Play is that users can understand which type of Data will be collected or shared in this app before installation. I am going to share step by step guide for the google play data safety section. You can see Invalid Data Safety Section issue on your dashboard. Follow the following steps to remove this invalid date safety section issue.


Google Data Safety Form
Image Source: Play Console Help


How to be compliant with Data safety Google Play Update?


It’s an easy task, we need to take the following steps to be compliant with Date safety Google Play Update. Go to the app content from the left sidebar of the app detail and then click on Date safety. When you fill out this form then Google will show it to users as policy declaration for play safety label.


Google Data safety form


Click on next on the first page and answer as below

Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types?


Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?


Do you provide a way for users to request that their data be deleted?


(We will change it to yes after some time as Google is bringing a new update of privacy consent for Android 12 and 13 but for now, answer as NO)


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Click on Next and tick the checkboxes of Data types as follows

Choose “App interactions” in the App Activity section and then Device & Other ids

Click on next and open the form that is incomplete


Keep in mind that this method of “Google data safety form” is only for those who are not using any user data but just ads personalization and app analytics

Data safety Google Play update


Now explore the form and do as following to fill Google Data Safety Form


Is this data collected, shared, or both?



Is this data processed ephemerally?



Is this data required for your app, or can users choose whether it’s collected?



Why is this user data collected? Select all that apply

Tick the checkboxes of “Analytics”, “Advertising or Marketing” and “Personalization.


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That’s all you need for the Google Data safety form, now just submit and enjoy! don’t forget to follow ASOBuzz on LinkedIn. When you will this form by this method they will clear the issue of data safety: invalid data safety section from privacy policy. Just archive the message on app dashboard.


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