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Google Play Deletes 100,000 Apps Every Month – More Than It Adds


Hey there! It’s Ksusha from AppstoreSpy, bringing you the real scoop on what’s happening with apps. We’ve been watching Google Play get rid of a ton of apps, and things are getting pretty intense. This quick read is your guide to understanding why apps are disappearing.


How Many Apps Got Deleted?

We looked at the numbers from 2022 to 2033. Here’s how many apps were born and how many got removed:

Google Play Deletes 100,000 Apps Every Month – More Than It Adds


In the last half of the year, more apps were removed than new ones were added—over three times more.

Also, we compared releases in Google Play per month in 2022 and 2023:

Google Play Deletes 100,000 Apps Every Month – More Than It Adds

In December 2023, the number of releases decreased by 2.5 times.

Additionally, we compared the number of released apps in the App Store and Google Play in 2023:


Google Play Deletes 100,000 Apps Every Month – More Than It Adds


The average number of apps released on Google Play is 2.2 times greater than that on the App Store. In December, the App Store catches up with the number of released apps on Google Play due to mass removals of apps.


Why Does Google Play Remove Apps?

Last year, Google Play made some rules about how apps should be made, updated, and promoted. Here are the main points:

  • Breaking the Rules: If your app messes with the rules about content, security, or advertising, it might get removed.

  • Not Safe: If your app has problems with safety or behaves badly, Google Play will kick it out to protect users.

  • Bad Ads: If your ads lie or break the rules, your app might disappear.

  • Forbidden Stuff: If your app has things it shouldn’t, it could vanish.

  • Privacy Issues: If your app doesn’t respect user privacy, it might be shown the door.


Apps can get removed by fancy computer programs or because users or developers complain. If your app is in trouble, Google Play will tell you why and how to fix it.

Things are tough, but it also means there will be more good and quality apps that will help us, not just junk.

In short, keep your app safe by following Google Play’s rules, making it secure, and being honest with ads and privacy. It’s like survival of the fittest in the app world.


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