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How do I localize my app store?

To localize your app for a specific region or language, you will need to create and upload translated versions of your app’s listing information, including the title, description, and screenshots. You can do this in the App Store Connect dashboard for iOS apps and in the Google Play Console for Android apps.

Here is a general outline of the steps you can follow to localize your app store listing:

  1. Identify the languages and regions you want to target.
  2. Translate your app’s listing information, including the title, description, and screenshots, into the languages you want to support.
  3. In App Store Connect or the Google Play Console, create a new version of your app for each language and region you want to support.
  4. Upload the translated listing information and other assets (such as screenshots) to the appropriate version of your app.
  5. Submit your localized versions of the app for review.

It’s important to note that you will need to follow the specific guidelines and requirements of the app store you are publishing on, as they may have specific requirements for localization. It is also a good idea to test your localized app thoroughly to ensure that it is fully functional and easy to use for users in the target language and region.


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