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How many types of ads are there in AdMob?

Interstitial ads: These are full-screen ads that cover the entire screen of the app, typically shown between screens or at natural transition points within the app.

Rewarded video ads: These are video ads that users can choose to watch in exchange for in-game rewards or other incentives.

Banner ads: These are small, rectangular ads that are displayed at the top or bottom of the app’s screen.

Native ads: These are ads that are designed to blend in with the look and feel of the app, and are displayed within the app’s content rather than as a separate ad unit.

App install ads (Cross promotion): These are ads that promote other apps and are displayed within an app, typically with a call-to-action to install the advertised app.

In-app purchase ads: These are ads that promote paid content or features within an app, and allow users to purchase them directly from the ad.


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