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How to do the best keyword research

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Keywords are the base for any game or app; as better the base as better will your game performance. There are many places where you can search and filter the best keywords for your game/app.


Write any word relevant to your product and note down all suggestions. Change location by extentending URL as &gl=country_code

e.g &gl=us complete URL will be as

and then search again. Check for top countries like US, UK, Canda, India, Brazil, Korea etc.

Word counter

Word counter helps to get competitors’ keywords in full description. It’s obvious that everyone targets all primary and secondary keywords in their content. so copy any game URL and paste in copywritely

Best keyword research

It shows 2x and 3x phrases. Grab all keywords and then make a list.

App Annie

App annie is another place where we can extract a lot of keywords. in fact, I just used AppAnnie to get 100+ keywords in the early days of my career.

It’s simple, open any competitor app and click on ASO keywords, then extract to your list.

App Annie Keyword research

The above data is for Offroad SUV Game

Keyword planner

The keyword planner is an SEO tool in Google Ads. We can grab multiple keyword ideas with monthly searches and competition.

Keywords traffic and difficulty

Now make a long list of all these tools and filter duplicates in excel.

Sensor Tower

Sensor tower is an amazing tool to get traffic and competition, which is more accurate than any other ASO tool.

Make groups of 5,5 keywords that you have collected and then paste in the Sensor Tower to get traffic and difficulty.

now Sort all results and you will get a final as below:

Game keywords finder

Now decide which keywords you want to use as primary and secondary. Use according to your list of priority


Extract keywords from country-wise play store suggestions, competitor keywords in Copywrtitely & app Annie, keywords monthly searches, and competition in the Keyword planner. Make groups of 5,5 keywords and get traffic and difficulty in Sensor Tower. categorize keywords as primary, secondary, and relevant and use them accordingly.

Best of Luck!


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