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How to measure user retention?

User retention is a measure of how well a mobile app or other product is able to retain its users over time. It is an important metric to track, as it can provide insight into the overall effectiveness of the product and can help identify areas for improvement.

There are several ways to measure user retention, depending on the specific goals of your product and the type of data you have available. Some common methods for measuring user retention include:

  1. Retention rate: This is the percentage of users who continue to use the product over a specific period of time. For example, you might calculate the day-1 retention rate (the percentage of users who continue to use the product one day after installing it) or the week-1 retention rate (the percentage of users who continue to use the product one week after installing it).
  2. Cohort analysis: This involves grouping users based on when they first started using the product (e.g., by month or week) and tracking their retention over time. This can provide valuable insights into how different groups of users are engaging with the product.
  3. Funnel analysis: This involves tracking the percentage of users who complete specific actions or milestones within the product (e.g., completing an in-app tutorial or making an in-app purchase). This can help identify bottlenecks or points of friction that may be causing users to churn.

Overall, it’s important to regularly track user retention and to continually work to improve it. By focusing on retention, you can improve the overall user experience, increase the chances of user retention, and ultimately drive greater success for your product.


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