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Keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to an app and can be used to describe its functionality or content. Including relevant keywords in an app’s title, description, and metadata can help improve its visibility and discoverability in app stores and search engines.

Here are a few examples of keywords that might be relevant for an app:

  1. Functionality keywords: These describe the specific features and functions of an app, such as “calendar,” “to-do list,” or “fitness tracker.”
  2. Category keywords: These describe the general category or type of app, such as “social media,” “gaming,” or “productivity.”
  3. Brand keywords: These include the brand or company name, as well as any specific products or services offered by the brand.
  4. Target audience keywords: These describe the intended audience for the app, such as “kids,” “teens,” or “adults.”
  5. Location keywords: These describe the geographical location or region for which the app is relevant, such as “USA,” “Europe,” or “Asia.”

By including relevant keywords in an app’s metadata, developers can help improve its visibility and attract users who are searching for apps with specific features or characteristics.


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