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Mobile app Average daily sessions per user

Average daily sessions per user is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the average number of sessions (or visits) that a user has with a mobile app in a given day. This metric can be useful for tracking the engagement and usage patterns of your app’s users.

To calculate average daily sessions per user, you will need to track the number of sessions that each user has with your app on a daily basis. You can then calculate the average by dividing the total number of sessions by the number of unique users.

Here’s the formula for calculating average daily sessions per user:

Average daily sessions per user = Total number of sessions / Number of unique users

For example, if your app had 1000 total sessions and 500 unique users in a given day, the average daily sessions per user would be 2.

Tracking average daily sessions per user can provide valuable insights into how often your app’s users are interacting with your app, and can help you understand how well your app is retaining and engaging users over time. By comparing average daily sessions per user to other metrics, such as average session length or time spent in app, you can get a more complete picture of your app’s usage patterns.


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