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Top 10 Mobile App Growth Hacks – User Growth Strategies – Mobile App Growth Strategy

Mobile App Growth Hacks

Mobile App Growth Hacks

Excited to talk about Mobile App Growth Hacks and Mobile App Growth Strategies as there is everything typical and copied on this topic and you will find nothing useful. Let’s try to get dive into the growth hacking mobile apps, which is the most important for any startup who is in need of some real working app user growth strategy. We will make a clear app user growth model, to increase app downloads, engage users, retain them and move to the next level of your product and try this growth hacking for mobile apps post, to get success in a smart way.

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Increase app downloads hack is just the first step, it’s called user acquisitions, then move to user experience UX, engagement, and continuous wow factor. Let me be comfortable while talking about this strategic topic of App store optimization and mobile app user acquisitions, so I will bring something clear in front of you about growth hacks for apps and mobile app growth strategy.


Someone asked me how do you hack your app growth?

To be very genuine, growth hacking is the term when you are stuck on some level and can’t improve your product or users. so on this stage, I would like to for more acquisition methods, more modules and events in the app, a/b testing of the app user interface, provide something and get feedback, ask for surveys and ideas. If you are getting 10,000 users, then think of how to acquire 25,000 and if your session time is 5 minutes, then brainstorm for 10 minutes, so basically, now let me share mobile app user growth strategies.


How fast can an app grow with app growth strategies?

It can take from 45 days to one year, depending on your app marketing strategy and app growth strategies. If you want to be everywhere in just 3 months, you need to spend a lot on paid campaigns, of all kinds like UAC, search, brand, Facebook display audience network, hundred of articles as content marketing, a guest appearance in interviews, and podcasts. Always try your best with all your efforts in your hands and don’t wait for the perfect time that how fast can an app grow? because your app will grow if you are putting all the effort into your hands.


Mobile app growth hacking is not something to just push new users through paid campaigns and count as app growth hacking. App Growth Marketing is a life cycle of new user acquisitions, engaging users, and retaining them for as long as possible.


Create an app from the scratch for beginners


1. User Acquisition Growth Hacking Tips

The concept of “Growth Hacking” in App marketing is the smart way of doing things, like if all the people are doing something in a typical way and you just found something different to move faster than everyone. Now we have to find a smart increase app downloads hack
from 0 to 100, then 1000, and so on in your user growth strategies. App user growth model is starting from user acquisitions, then retention and engagement.


First 10,000 Downloads

The first 10,000 downloads are just testing users for your app user growth strategy, which we can target by different ways in growth hacking for mobile app growth strategy as below:

  1. Organic Search by using long-tail low competition keywords
  2. Content marketing from backlinks and social sites
  3. Paid campaigns on Google ads and Facebook


Long Tail Keywords for App Downloads

It’s always difficult for an app to get ranked for seed keywords or short keywords, so we have to find the best keywords which have very low competition and can easily be ranked. Like if you have a parking game, then real car parking, city car parking offline, passenger transport car parking, and so on. If you are in search that how fast can an app grow then change your keywords after each week if they are not performing.


User Growth Strategies


Content Marketing in User Growth Strategies

Never forget that the internet is a huge world, talk about apps, answer the questions that are related to your app and link to the store, share on social media, ask people to share their feedback, and create some backlinks daily. It will improve visibility. When you have ranked some long-tail keywords, then the next target keywords with less difficulty but are short. Content marketing is amazing to use as increase app downloads hack in 2022. Google is still indexing backlinks, so don’t listen to those who believe that backlinks are deprecated.


Average app user growth rate

Over the past few years, the average app user growth rate has been incredibly consistent. This means that, on average, there are around 2 million new app users created each month. Considering the number of new apps being released each day, this is a pretty impressive statistic.


Delete app from play console


The average app user growth rate is on the rise according to a study conducted by App Annie. The report found that average user growth rates for iOS and Android apps increased by 2% and 5%, respectively. The findings suggest that users are increasingly finding value in growth hacks for apps.


According to a report published by Sensor Tower, the average app user growth rate for the iOS and Android platforms was 2.5% from Jan.1-Dec. 31. This is up from 1% growth during the same period in the last year. Apple’s share of global app downloads reached 73%, while Google’s share grew to 25%.


Paid Campaign for App Downloads

It’s the easiest way to grab users for a new app/game. Just to the Google ads, run a Universal App Campaign and start getting users. Always run paid campaigns, based on ROI to minimize the loss of finance, because in the early stage we don’t have the actual LTV (Life Time Value) of a user. ROI and campaigning are completely different topics and I will share them with you soon in the coming blog posts on ASOBuzz.

If you follow the mobile app growth hacks that we are discussing then 100% sure to get 300 downloads daily, which is an easy thing if you follow the above things, then you will get more than 10,000 in one month.


100,000 User Acquisitions Milestone

For 100,000 monthly installs, we need to acquire 3000+ users daily, which is also a very task, if you are dedicated to your job. Audit your ASO store listing, add 6 more descriptions in (English UK, CA, AU, IN, SG, SA) by targeting more keywords – a better way is to target 3 keywords per listing. If you are planning user growth strategies, then must add all major language translations to get more conversions from other languages.


Increase the basic campaign to at least 3000 PKR or 20 USD per day to get 1000 to 1500 paid downloads, which will support your organic growth. Share your first step success on social media to create some buzz and enjoy free downloads from mobile app growth hacks, and also understand what people think about what you have done. Great job till that point! After 2 and half a minute, ask the user to rate the store. As much higher number and rating, you will receive as better will be the product’s organic performance.


Mobile app growth strategy

Looking to take your mobile app growth strategy to the next level? Check out these top tips.

1. Define your app’s target audience.

Who is your app meant for? Knowing this will help you create content and messaging that resonates with your target audience, and ensure that you’re marketing your app in the right places.

2. Make sure your app is optimized for mobile devices.


Increase App Downloads Hack For 1 Million Installs

Now you are on the way to 3000 daily downloads and want more growth for your app, just think out of the box and spend your time on R&D and what top competitors are doing. Try to explore their app marketing strategy, graphics hacks, and user experience. How they are engaging users. If you found these all, then just implement growth hacking for mobile app engagement strategy and analyze the return from them. First, make the break-even for your revenue, and then increase the budget to the maximum possible, like if you can spend 10,000 PKR and get a break-even return, then you are all done for the first million downloads. Just push to the max.

how fast can an app grow

Continue this strategy for 3 months and try your best to get 10,000 downloads per day. It’s also an easy task to continue with 10k downloads daily. Now you are getting some organic and some paid to achieve your goal of the first one million downloads in the first 4 months.


1 Million downloads growth hacking


App User Growth Strategy to 10 Million Mobile App Downloads

We can achieve 1 million installs in 4 months easily but the 10 million figure needs more attention and dedication towards your product. We have a great user experience and engagement that can retain users. The next thing is your monetization strategy because monetization is the base of any product and can be the only reason for success and failure. User full brain power to get standard KPIs for your app genre and then push at your max, as mobile app growth hacks are not something magic but a smart way of getting downloads.


Factors that we have to focus on for 10 Million downloads as mobile app growth hacking strategies:

  1. Session Time
  2. Retention
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Rating
  5. Reviews cluster
  6. Genre
  7. Keywords and similar apps
  8. Campaign strategy
  9. Monetization Strategy
  10. Active installs
  11. Daily active users
  12. Monthly active users
  13. Users quality
  14. Graphics
  15. User experience
  16. User Engagement
  17. User communication
  18. eCPM
  19. CPI
  20. CTR


There are many more things, that we need to focus on when you want to hit any product to hit 10 million installs. Just keep connected with me on for more about user growth strategies and you can place such a poster!


2. StoreFront Optimization And Testing

App StoreFront is the first place, where users land and make a mind. It’s the first impression of your growth hacking for mobile apps strategy. If positive then the user will install the app, and if don’t then you will face less conversion rate.


ASO Strategies 2022


Storefront decides conversion rate, so focus to communicate the whole story in these few pictures to get more and more users. Don’t try to exaggerate the graphics, otherwise, the user will just remove the app, after installation if won’t be found according to expectations.

Don’t hurt expectations! Be realistic and communicate in the best way.


Now for growth change the store graphics with a/b testing on both Google Play and Android and you will see the results. Continue these test until you get the best. Look for the trending graphics of your competitors and try to win in the market.


For the store graphics, you can be the first move with your ideas or just a fast follower by following the trend in your genre. If you are performing the best then everyone then thinks the best idea and be the first mover, but others are performing better then just follow the best one who has recently changed their graphics. App user growth strategy can not be successful without the first impression of store listing in all kind of stores. It’s something going into the house of bride after marriage proposal for the first time.


Also look at timelines from Apptweak, what they have changed, and how it affected their downloads. Don’t be afraid of change, just follow the best or be the best. Mobile app growth hacks include this first step of your user journey.


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3. User Interface Optimization in mobile app growth hacks

There is a difference in user experience and user interface. The user interface is just the graphical impression or message that this is what I am presenting. while the user experience is a way to use our product. We decide that he will tap here, then move to this screen, he will find that value there. Every User experience designer or planner focuses on the best way to do the job.


Now for the user experience, test different ideas, in different builds. You can launch different versions in different regions, then analyze which version is gaining more engagement and apply to the global version.


Read your all reviews, and resolve the issues that they are facing. User feedback is the most important factor to optimize your app. Try to obtain maximum reviews and implement them in the next updates.


A better user interface is the first thing for a better user experience. If the audience doesn’t like your home screen, they will surely dislike the other parts or quit on the first screen.


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4. Audience Targeting in growth hacking for mobile apps


Change the audience targeting, to check new KPIs. Changing the audience is a bit costly and we can do it with heavy paid marketing. The organic way of targeting change is difficult and risky. We can lose everything because we have to change content and graphics which will results loss of current organic users.


The first method to change the audience as app user growth strategy, run paid campaigns on a new platform, like if you are spending on Google ads, then move to the Facebook and Instagram App downloads campaign. Facebook and Instagram have different users than Google, so you will see the change in KPIs.  Another method is to create new campaigns on the same platform with a higher bid and different conversion actions. Like, create a new campaign with 5 times higher bids and with IAP conversions.


Google Play Keyword research


If you are stuck at any point, then try to change the users and see the magic. Your existing platform will share your impressions everywhere to grab a new type of audience. IAP conversion-based campaigns acquire monetized users, who are great for an increase in revenue. Higher CPI users are always different than lower bid users and they can bring more value.



5. Branding and VIP Users

Analytics tell us everything that is happening inside our app. Mark a stage where you will give reward these specific users. We can also make goal setting and can show them the top-performing worldwide, regional and countrywide. Competition is the first thing for user engagement. We need to bring them to the competition. No one wants to lose and this is the point of success for all marketers and product managers. Branding is compulsory for growth path app download.


List the VIPs users inside of the app/game and let them feel the winners. Now it’s the point where you can brand your product. Ask them to share their success and enjoy free branding! Cheers, you are on the right path of growth hacking for mobile apps strategy.


6. Give Them Change

If we stick with the same UI, then it is simply tending to fail. PUBG introduces new events every month because they how to maintain the engagement. Every top-performing app and game, has some new events, new modules. This means they always have something new for the users to keep their interest.


Create New modules

Change the User interface as discussed earlier

Create New events according to season

Engage with them

Make new competitions

Add tournaments


7. Talk Everywhere About Your Product

If you don’t talk about your product, no one will do. Just share your success stories, share changes that you have done, ask them to share, and respond if someone is mentioning you. Go to podcasts, go to interviews, update status, add in your social media title. Obsess your app/game success and let everyone that it belongs to you as a growth path app download.


Every search engine knows, what people are talking about, what they are liking. Viral marketing is just because of it, that everyone talks about one thing and every platform understands that this is the thing.


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8. Increase Engagement and improve engagement

This point is related to all the points mentioned above about mobile app growth hacks. Great product value is the first thing to make you successful. Engage your users in competitions, new modules, seasonal events, great UI, new modes, new stories, and new features. Just engage them, and they will work for your success.


Great user experience is the key to success in app user growth model. Believe me! no one can stop from success if you have a great user experience product. Just do smart marketing, obtain users and let them do the job for you.


People have enough time for great products, but they don’t like something that bothers them. Make it addictive, let them do nothing but just open and enjoy. You will enjoy your life and growth hacking for mobile apps strategy they will enjoy your app.



9. Reward Your Users

90% of people want to earn online without spending or making more efforts, so reward them with some real money like amazon gift cards. Mark targets for them or involve in competition to get amazon free gift card. Your app user growth model should have multiple ways to retain the users to keep them beneficial for your product.


Signed shirts: it’s also a great idea of sending a signing shirt with your brand logo. If you deliver 200 shirts, you will get more than 20 thousand quality users. If you are looking for growth hacking tips, then don’t ignore this point.


Crypto coins: Crypto is magic and everyone likes it, reward just 10 USD value of crypto for any kind of task in your app and see what happens. Mobile app growth hacks should be something different than others, so do something that can create addiction or greed for the users.


Meet up: Arrange small gatherings and make selfies. Branding is just telling people, “this is for you”.


10. Referral Marketing

No one does this job until you give them some reward. Almost 90% of brands have referral codes to earn something. It would be in pennies but your business will earn in thousands. So don’t hesitate to spend some pennies on referral marketing as one of the best growth hacking tips. Stronger referral marketing brings the highest value in results. It can become viral marketing if there is something new in the global market. You can disrupt the whole market with just single referral marketing if your product is solid in problem-solving.


Best time to send app notification


Now let’s close the topic! Hope you have enjoyed growth hacking for mobile apps.



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