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Top 10 Mobile App Promotion Ideas | Based on Reality and Experience ASO 2022

Mobile App Promotion Ideas

I am very excited for “Mobile App Promotion Ideas” to reveal with you as everyone out there has no experience with real mobile products marketing. Mobile App Promotion Ideas is vast topic where we will target many different ways to get downloads, users and acquisitions. I have read many articles in the start of my career that how one can get downloads for new app or game and all of them were looking impressive at that time but when I started marketing career, I found them all 100% useless. OMG :O


Mobile App Promotion Ideas List

Let me summaries the list that we are going to discuss in this blog. Mobile marketing is now a very vast niche and you can’t learn everything in this one article but can get a brief overview and a direction that what you have to do the next.


  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. Google ads paid campaigns
  3. Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns
  4. Backlinks for 3rd party user acquisitions
  5. Influence shoutout or promotion
  6. YouTube gameplay or product review videos
  7. Google search downloads
  8. Tournaments for games and gifts for apps marketing (Referral Marketing)
  9. Media advertising
  10. Viral marketing



App store optimization (ASO)


App store optimization is the first and most important factor in Mobile App Promotion Ideas and it is the first step to get some organic downloads. Now a days it’s not that much easy as earlier in 2017 it was. For app store optimization we need to do a proper keyword research, content optimization, targeting of best keywords in the title, short and long description and title, sub title and promotional text in iOS app store. Now a days the app store optimization factors are almost changed now search engines depends on the following

  1. Retention and session time
  2. Product quality with respect to ANRs and Crashes (ANR stands for App not responding)
  3. Store conversion rate
  4. Number of total downloads and active installed users
  5. Daily active users
  6. Daily rating and reviews
  7. Store front graphics quality and message communication
  8. Release management
  9. User experience
  10. User quality

Mobile App Promotion Ideas

I have listed just 10 App store optimization factors but it can be up to 100 and may be more as now the search engines are too much matured and they can understand and learn very easily that what are you offering and how is the quality. Never ever think to deceive Google or Apple while compiling your Mobile App Promotion Ideas.


If you know nothing about ASO just read my article of 4000 words about ASO and you will be able to understand a lot about ASO basics and advanced as I have tried to add everything that is really relevant to ASO in 2022


Google Ads as Mobile App Promotion Ideas


If you want to success your app on Android then it’s very much necessary to back your ASO. Google ads provides cheapest downloads from the glob and it’s a lot easy to target any country with simplest UAC (universal App Campaign). In UAC we have just to put few lines of text and start getting users in our app.


Before going to Google ads or any other paid campaign tool, must validate product LTV (life time value). If you are getting 5 cents from one user don’t spend 10 cents on one user to acquire otherwise you will lose all the money. Work on the product ROI model and then go to spend anywhere.


Read more about Google ads PPC Strategies


Facebook and Instagram Campaigns


Mobile app promotion ideas can be hundreds by this way to count each advertising platform as a factor but I am counting Facebook and Instagram because the nature and premiumness of both platforms are different. You can acquire expensive user from FB and Insta but they will return far better than Google ads or any other platform because they exactly know the user that you need and he needs the product.


Google Ads goes everywhere or the people who have any search related to your product.

Facebook goes to target exact people who have interest in your product.


We can talk a lot about this topic but in short Facebook is expensive but have premium users as compare to Google ads.


Backlinks for 3rd party user acquisitions


Back link is just a way to get few downloads and search ranking improvements in App store optimization but it’s not the primary source of user acquisition. You can get easy backlinks from directory and can order from any freelancing platform.


I would like to suggest to place some natural backlink on review websites not more than this. Relevant backlinks improve keywords ranking but search downloads are almost finished so don’t waste much time on backlinks for ASO in 2022.


Influence shoutout or promotion


Influence marketing will work for a short term if you want to get bulk downloads in one day. If you get users by searching any phrase to download, it will awesome, moreover every search engine works based on downloads frequency. Once the influencer gives your product review or something, it gives sudden jump in daily downloads and search engine ranks your product in the list.


In Mobile app promotion ideas, the Influencer marketing is most expensive one. I would like to hire influencer and make a shot like a commercial and then run Facebook ads, placing that commercial video.


YouTube Gameplay and App usage videos


There are a lot of people who are playing free games and tell people how to use this app or how to play this game. People have a lot of free time and they watch such videos. You can send link to the creator just place in comment in the latest video and ask to play my game or check my app.


If they make a video on your product, it will make great impact. It’s free method to get users. Enjoy Mobile App Promotion Ideas.



Google search downloads


Google search downloads are also based on App store optimization. You can get enough downloads with search results but paid downloads are necessary to back your search one. If you want to hit million of users than can’t relay on just search downloads.


Best keyword research is the key for search downloads.



Tournaments for games and gifts for app marketing


Both Apple app store and Google play store promotes events. You can create tournaments and targets in games, while amazon gift cards rewards in the apps.


For example, you have a workout app, then set a reward on completing 30 days challenge. You can also add price to start challenge. So multiple ways of targeting. It’s also a huge topic and we can discuss but for now just take an overview that it can a very useful way to get referral downloads.


Referral marketing has many ways and you can reward users by sharing and get new registrations and downloads. I have seen many products successful with referral marketing and they have referral marketing on top of all Mobile App Promotion Ideas.


You can read some tips here on get social



Media advertising

In Mobile App promotion ideas, the media advertising is for those who have huge budgets. They can shoot brand commercials and start campaigns on multiple platforms to get all kind of users. Media advertising is also most expensive like influencer marketing for mobile apps and games.


Again, I would like to suggest to shoot with celebrities and promote on advertising platforms like Facebook and Google ads. For Google ads run YouTube campaigns instead of UAC. You can also try brand awareness campaigns. It’s for large scale projects who have huge amount to invest in advertising of their app.


Viral marketing


Viral marketing in Mobile App promotion ideas in the most difficult one as I think, because we need something that the world is missing like among us and other. Surprise the world by innovation and also spend a huge amount of money for promotion to get everyone knows.


Some people also do Twitter trend set for viral marketing, where you have to pay to the trend teams, who are doing this paid and for each country you have to pay to each team. If you find any best twitter trend setter team then this should be on top of your Mobile App Promotion Ideas list. So, we need quality, surprise and wow factor, cringe or anything that’s new to the people. Surprise them and win the game.

Mobile App Promotion Ideas
Mobile App Promotion Ideas : Never afraid of anything and just do your best!


I hope, you will like these tactics as all are based on reality and I have done most of them myself. It’s not something that I have listen or read. All these mobile app promotion ideas are based on my experience.


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