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Success in the App business 2021- Strategy Budget Time

I am writing this as a free text article and sharing my experience and knowledge.

What do you think when you listen this word? $$$ and millions of downloads? earning and earning with no effort? If you are thinking like that, then you are totally wrong. Google has made it very difficult and there are hundreds of constraints if you have less user value app or your app has a lot of competition.

So what to do?

“If there is a will there is a way”. Don’t lose hope and let’s discuss the possible way. I am explaining in points which can result as a success.

  1. Planning
  2. Execution
  3. Marketing
  4. Data analytics

You have to put the best effort in all stages

Planning: it includes ideation, identification of constraints, Audience, Return on Investment models, Usage time, Usage frequency, User value, User retention, Marketing budget, Marketing mediums, Marketing regions.

What I suggest is, please don’t think any shitty idea which has a limited audience, less value, other developers have done years ago, one-time use, less need and some other factors like that.

Execution: Now you have planned everything and ready to design and develop it. Do it as best as possible with just the basic functionality of your ideas and launch as an MVP, but keep remember if your basic functionality is broken then your app will be rated negative so avoid it.

MarketingEvery app needs ASO and doesn’t upload without proper keywords research, communicating title, call to action short description, and a description with great use of keywords. Do translation for all available languages and start with a test budget in PPC as Universal app campaigns. If you are getting enough impressions, CTR of above 2% and a conversation rate of more than 30% for your app then start putting more value in the app and more money in PPC.

You can buy my ASO Adwords Campaigns services in fiver.

Data analytics: For a successful app, you should be a great data analytics expert. How many users installed, uninstalled, total active user, daily active user, per user session time, per user spending, per user return, specific country spending and return, in-app purchases and so many other things you have to check and decide on a daily basis.

Let me summarize it:

Think an idea and study competitors, constrains, planning of execution, decide marketing budget and return on investment models, put the best effort in design and development, do proper ASO, spend in UAC campaigns and decide on basis of data from developer console, Firebase, adwords and admob data

Hope, you will like this information. If you need any kind of information or help then I am always here to assist you in your app business.


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