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10 Tips for Title Optimization Google Play App – Optimize Google Play App Title – ASO 2022

Title Optimization for Google Play Apps and Games

Best way to optimize App Title

Title is the most important factor in App store optimization as it decides the future of your product either it is a game or app, so you have to do a deep research of keywords and competitor’s analysis according to latest app store optimization techniques. I will share some important tips and tricks to write it perfectly.


A Complete Keyword research for Google play Title Optimization

Keyword research is all time the first step for any type of content that we want to show in any kind of search engine. For Google Play there are many tools that can do a perfect job for this purpose.


Keyword Density Checker – Keywords Listing

Search the keyword that is relevant to your app, List the list of top 20 games/apps and and place it Copywritly Keyword density checker Tool to get the list of competitor keywords. Keyword density checker tool can list all the repeated keywords on the page of any competitor game/app. just put your link and copy all keywords in the excel sheet. Do it one by one and remove duplicates of that column.


App Keyword Density Report



Appannie Search keywords – ASO Optimization

After listing the page keywords, then go to appannie keywords tool and grab all keywords that are getting in search for those apps/games. again list them and remove duplicates.


Traffic and Difficulty for ASO Keywords – title optimization

Now you should have at least 200 keywords, check the traffic and difficulty and make priorities as primary and secondary keywords.

Use a primary keyword and secondary keyword (This is on that which keyword should be primary and which one should be secondary. I will share in another blog post about ASO keywords)
For example I have a primary keyword of “Military commando” and secondary as Commando shooting then my title be as Military commando shooting.
ASO Keywords for App title


Power word

Always attach a power word in the start of your title. For Power word my suggestion is to in the similar games of your competitors and check which power word they are using the most and like US, Extreme, Monster etc. Now here I am using US as in shooting games mostly people using US keyword there.


Power word is useful to get your game in similar and increase explore downloads as is the job of secondary keyword while primary keyword to get search downloads in App store optimization.

Unique vs Similar Title

Mostly people ask that title should be unique or similar. It depends on what is your marketing strategy. If you are going to hit top charts and create a new brand then go for unique and short title of 2 or 3 words  but if you want search downloads and getting explore downloads from similar games, then for the resembling title.

When should we change the title?

Change the title, if it’s not brining organic downloads. Don’t stick with just one title and think that it will be successful after years. Change the Google play title just after 4th week, if it’s not performing.

Multiple English Titles – Title Optimization for Google Play Store

You can use up to seven English titles in English UK, Canada, Australia, India etc. Use multiple keywords as primary and secondary according to your targeting. There is an experimented theory that of you use a same keyword in all seven titles then those keywords rank easily as compare to if we target different keywords.

Short or Long Titles

Short titles have more opportunity to rank faster as compare to long but the long has more capacity to get search and explore organic install. almost 99% of ASO experts are using long titles and they don’t want to miss any space. Short titles are mostly used by big publishers like voodoo and lion studios etc. because they are looking for keywords download. They have their KPIs of CPI and LTV which we will discuss in the next blog inshallah. stay connected for more updates!

Change the primary keyword

Whenever you are looking for change in Title, change the primary keyword and power according to new games in the similar games cluster. It will reduce the rankings but will rank again after few weeks. Change of title is like deciding a new future of your product, so change it wisely. It can move your game/app down to earth 😛 Just kidding. Make smaller changes and you will safe.

Ranked Keywords

Never change a ranked keyword that are bringing 100+ downloads. 100 downloads are nothing but still something is better than nothing. Remove those keywords that are not ranked and add new keywords that has chance to get some organic search downloads.

Title from Similar games

You can copy a title of  game that is coming in more similar games, just change a bit and opt it as your own title. No one can do  nothing for generic keywords, so use their title. It if works then continue otherwise change the app title again. Similar game title has the more chances to get ranked and give you some explore downloads. I always prefer to copy instead of making new one 😛 Me Lazy Panda

Don’t message me on whatsapp for App Title Confirmation

Write your title and be confident for the results and now you know enough that how can I change my title, so it as you want. Mostly people that have my whatsapp contact then start sharing me screenshot to the articles to let them understand perfectly. Dude you can do better than me. I am like an old man who just knows it.

Summary of Optimization of Google Play Title

  1. Do a perfect keyword research from keyword density checker or any word counter
  2. Grab more keywords from appannie of all the competitor keywords that you have checked in word counter
  3. List all ASO keywords and remove duplicate keywords
  4. Search for keywords traffic and difficulty from any ASO Tool
  5. Make priorities of your ASO Title Keywords as primary and secondary
  6. Use a power word from the similar games, a primary keyword and secondary keyword
  7. Change the title after few weeks if it doesn’t perform well
  8. Copy titles from the games that are in similar
  9. Be confident for when you have finalized your title, because you can change it anytime if it’s not performing
  10. Don’t send me your titles on whatsapp for finalization


Allah Apka Haami wa Nasir Ho!


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