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What are keywords in ASO?

Keywords are terms or phrases that users search for when looking for apps in the app store. In app store optimization (ASO), keywords play a crucial role in helping users discover your app. By including relevant and popular keywords in your app’s title, description, and metadata, you can increase the chances of your app being discovered by users who are searching for specific terms.

To identify the most relevant and popular keywords for your app, you can use tools like the App Store’s Keyword Field and Google’s Keyword Planner. These tools allow you to research the popularity and competition for different keywords in your app’s category and identify the ones that are most likely to drive downloads.

It’s important to note that the app store algorithms that determine which apps are displayed more prominently in search results and top charts take into account the relevance and quality of the keywords used in an app’s listing. This means that using irrelevant or spammy keywords can actually hurt your app’s ranking and visibility in the app store. It’s essential to carefully research and select the most relevant and popular keywords for your app to ensure the best results from your ASO efforts.


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