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What is the churn rate on mobile apps?

The churn rate on mobile apps can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the type of app, the target audience, the quality and usefulness of the app, and the level of engagement and retention efforts by the app developer.

On average, the churn rate for mobile apps is around 20-30%, although some apps may have higher or lower churn rates. For example, apps in the gaming industry tend to have higher churn rates due to the highly competitive nature of the market and the constantly evolving preferences of users. On the other hand, apps in the productivity or utility category may have lower churn rates due to their usefulness and the long-term value they provide to users.

It’s important for app developers and marketers to regularly track and analyze the churn rate of their app in order to identify areas for improvement and take action to retain users. By providing value and a positive user experience, and implementing retention efforts such as in-app messaging and push notifications, app developers can work to reduce churn and keep users engaged with their app.


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